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Bio: Dr. Fields


Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, The Athletic Doc®, is a world renowned expert in the field of Regenerative Orthopedics (non-surgical joint and spine repair).
He is one of a handful of physicians in the nation that is both a Medical Physician and Chiropractor.
This combination of degrees gives Dr. Fields a broad area of knowledge and expertise that benefits his patients.

Dr. Fields is the Director of OrthoRegen in Santa Monica, CA., which is one of the largest practices in the world dedicated solely to Regenerative Orthopedics. He treats patients from around the US and the world; from non-athletes to weekend warriors to competitive athletes and even professional athletes. Dr. Fields helps people avoid unnecessary orthopedic surgeries whether arthroscopic or full surgery. He is a leading expert in using Cellular Regeneration (aka Cellular Prolotherapy) treatments to help people avoid full joint replacement.

Dr. Fields has appeared on national TV as a Regenerative Medicine Expert as well as several TV and radio stations in the Los Angeles area. He writes a column on Orthopedic/Sports Medicine for a national magazine as well as lecturing at various conferences around the world on these techniques.

In addition, Dr. Fields is a Clinical Instructor with the Hackett-Hemwall Foundation, the largest teaching organization for Prolotherapy. Dr. Fields has volunteered his time for two weeks nine different times on their medical trip to Honduras. There they not only treat the indigenous people for joint and spine problems but also teach 75 physicians from all over the world Prolotherapy. Dr. Fields was the director of one of only three clinics in Honduras.

Dr. Fields is a very active and competitive triathlete, having completed nine full Ironman Triathlons as well as nine 70.3 (half) Ironman Triathlons and over 40 other triathlons. He has had his back and shoulder treated by these techniques and avoided surgery. In other words, this doc walks his talk!

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Interview with Dr. Fields about Prolotherapy and PRP

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