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Honduras 2011


Honduras 2011

With two other student docs and a patient

With a local translator, a student doc from Italy and a patient

Teaching a doc

Dr. Fields with the dentist, Dr. Mansilla

Dr Fields and Mary Doherty,
HHF Operations Director

The Olanchito group

Dr Fields helps out the dentist!

Dr Fields with a student doc and a patient

Dr Fields with another doc and a helper

Dr Fields with another doc, our translator
and a patient

Dr Fields with other docs at the final dinner

Dr Fields, a helper and Dr Bones!

Having dinner in Olanchito

Local street scene in the main city

The bigger city

Treating a patient with a student doc

With a local translator

With Disbel Mansilla, DDS
and her staff

With Joanne, our clinic coordinator

With two more student docs and
a patient

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