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The Athletic Doc®

Pete Jacobs, Ironman
World Champion
& Dr. Peter A Fields

Peter A. Fields, MD, DC is also known as The Athletic Doc®.
He not only treats athletes in his practice but is an athlete himself.

For over twenty years, Dr. Fields has been active in the sport of Triathlon.
In July of 2017, he completed his ninth Ironman Triathlon.

An Ironman Triathlon is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run.
Dr. Fields has competed in over 40 other Triathlons in his career, including eight half (70.3) Ironman competitions as well as numerous Olympic distance ones.
He says that even with all the years of training and racing, he still enjoys the challenges of it all.

With a busy practice, Dr. Fields still makes time to work out. During the triathlon season, he can be found swimming, biking or running six to seven days a week in addition to a regime of active stretching twice a day. On most weekends, Dr. Fields can be found on long training rides along the coast or up in the Santa Monica mountains. He is not only a member of the LA TRI Club but a sponsor too. Besides being outdoors and keeping himself very physically active, Dr. Fields also enjoys the camaraderie of his training partners. In addition to the sport of Triathlon, Dr. Fields is a competitive tennis player and participates in several other athletic activities including skiing, lifting weights, scuba diving, and hiking to name just a few.

Dr. Fields finds that keeping fit and active is not only important in keeping him in top physical shape but also in staying in touch with those patients that are, or want to be, active. To keep his body at maximum efficiency and maintain optimal health, Dr. Fields eats a very healthy diet which includes lots of organic fruits and vegetables and other whole food products. He avoids processed foods, fried foods and white flour or white sugar products. He also utilizes a daily vitamin and supplement regime as well as massage therapy, chiropractic and of course, Regenerative Orthopedics for those injuries that just won't heal. Plus he makes sure to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and have some quiet time in his life.

His motto is not only train hard but smart – as if your body depended on it

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