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Los Angeles has many opportunities for people to engage in sports such as jogging, basketball, baseball, football, soccer and water sports. Participants in distance running, cycling and triathlons are all patients of Dr. Peter A. Fields. Unfortunately, almost any type of sports activity can result in injuries to joints, ligaments and tendons.

Los Angeles Prolotherapy (PRP) is a great way to treat tendon, ligament and musculoskeletal damage or pain naturally and without invasive surgery or addictive drugs. Our office and Peter A. Fields MD DC, "The Athletic Doc®," have made it possible to find quality treatment utilizing Prolotherapy in Los Angeles.

What Is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a shortened form of "proliferation therapy" and is named for the idea that this technique helps the body heal itself. It may also be called "regenerative injection therapy" or "proliferative injection therapy." Prolotherapy treatments consist of a series of injections that are designed to produce inflammation in injured tissue in order to spur the body's natural healing mechanisms to take over.

When the body suffers an injury, it responds by producing growth factors. The process that leads up to this production and how these growth factors help the body heal are topics that are extremely complicated. However, researchers have observed one fact that is very easy to understand: areas with high levels of blood flow and many blood vessels are far more receptive to healing than those areas without high levels of blood flow. This means that ligaments, tendons and cartilage, which all have poor blood supplies, may not heal as quickly as other areas of the body.

Unfortunately, some of the drugs used to treat pain and swelling may also interfere with proper healing. Medications like NSAIDS may cause patients to heal more slowly or suffer complications from drug therapies. Ironically, the very nature of NSAIDS and what they do—reduce swelling and inflammation—may be the reason they interfere with natural healing. When the body suffers inflammation, it is a signal to produce the factors that will heal the wounded area.

How Does Prolotherapy Work?

Prolotherapy, on the other hand, works with the body's natural processes to provide permanent healing. Prolotherapy basically tricks the body into healing itself! By injecting mildly irritating substances into the body, Prolotherapy treatments trigger a natural healing response. Prolotherapy can also include painkillers such as lidocaine to ease discomfort and soothe any sensations of irritation or swelling.

Does Prolotherapy Work?

Dextrose Prolotherapy has been studied for many years and has been shown not only to help heal various injuries but in conjunction with PRP Prolotherapy and/or Cellular Regeneration triggers growth of new cartilage. This outcome has tremendous possibilities for patients with serious injuries or degenerative diseases. While more research is needed to explore all of Prolotherapy's possibilities, the future looks bright for Prolotherapy patients.

One of the biggest advantages of Prolotherapy is that it helps patients avoid surgery. Patients who are facing a knee replacement or who have suffered with shoulder or hip pain for many months or years may be able to heal without the necessity of going "under the knife."

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy involves using injections to treat a variety of disorders and chronic or acute pain conditions. These conditions include:

  • ACL
  • Tears
  • Arthritis
  • Bulging discs
  • Bursitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Bone on Bone conditions
  • Hip dysfunction
  • Hip replacement
  • Knee injury
  • Knee replacement
  • Lumbar or cervical spine instability
  • Tendinitis
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Sciatica

How Did Prolotherapy Begin?

Prolotherapy is based on principles from ancient Greek medicine , but did not become accepted by the modern medical community until the 1950s when Drs. George Hackett and Gustav Hemwall began research on how the body is able to heal itself with the proper support and treatment. Modern medicine has not been successful in treating many types of tendon and ligament damage and pain, so the surge in popularity of alternative treatments such as Prolotherapy is understandable.

Prolotherapy has been shown to have a beneficial effect for many patients and to help them avoid surgery as a last resort to treat painful damaged joints and tendons. Just a few Prolotherapy treatments may restore joint function and ease pain permanently.

What Can I Expect From A Prolotherapy Treatment Regime?

Before you can be treated using Prolotherapy, you will be examined by Dr. Peter A Fields, an internationally renowned expert in the field of regenerative medicine. It is very important to take Prolotherapy treatments in a controlled environment to ensure the procedure is administered correctly. The doctor will perform some simple manual tests to assess your condition, review any X-rays or MRI’s you may have received and determine the best site for Prolotherapy injections.

Prolotherapy treatments begin with a simple injection to the site of joint damage. It is important for the injections to be given at the right spot, such as where the tendon connects to the bone, in order to receive maximum benefit. The injections are relatively painless and take only a few minutes.

You are then sent home to rest and gradually begin working your damaged joint according to an agreed therapy schedule. It is important to follow the instructions given by Dr. Fields. You may be required to take follow-up injections, depending on the efficacy of the initial treatment. These injections will be spaced over a period of time to give your body the best chance to heal.

Once your Prolotherapy injection regimen is complete, you should enjoy the kind of change for the better in joint mobility and pain level that many patients of Dr. Fields have experienced. Your medical caregivers will continue to monitor you for some time to ensure that your Prolotherapy treatments are a success.

Peter A. Fields MD DC is an internationally recognized expert in the field of regenerative medicine, specifically in all forms of Prolotherapy – dextrose Prolotherapy, PRP Prolotherapy and Cellular Regeneration. Dr. Fields is known as the “The Athletic Doc®” has completed three Iron Man Triathlon events. This tri-athlete understands the passion his patients have to ‘get back into their sport’ and resume their normal activities without pain. He is a regular contributor to a national health magazine and lectures at national health conventions. Dr. Fields also trains other physicians in Prolotherapy techniques. For one of the most modern approaches in the country to Prolotherapy, many patients turn to our office in Los Angeles, CA, and Peter A. Fields MD DC, "The Athletic Doc®." Our professional staff can help patients find the right Prolotherapy treatments for their particular needs and have had great success in reducing pain and healing injury or damage without the need for dangerous, invasive surgical procedures or addictive drugs and painkillers. Call (310) 453-1234 today for a free phone consultation with Dr. Peter Fields to see if Prolotherapy can get you pain free and ‘back in the game’ or help you resume your normal lifestyle.

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